CYC Theatre Salutes The Men and Women of the U.S. Armed Forces


It has long been the policy of CYC Theatre to help support the families of the members of our community who are engaged in the noble business of protecting our country and its allies.  We are constantly developing ideas on how to help those families whose members are deployed overseas, and are interested in ideas from you!  Some of the discounts we offer are:


  • Cast members that have at least one parent on Active Duty (or Active Reserves) in any branch of the Armed Forces (inc. U.S. Coast Guard) are offered a 25% discount* on Tuition/Production Fees.
  • Cast members that have at least one parent on Overseas Deployment are offered a 50% discount* on Tuition/Production Fees.
  • Cast members who have lost a parent, or had a parent permanently disabled due to action overseas, are offered a 100%* waiver of Tuition/Production Fees.  


*Certain conditions apply.

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