Spring Awakening Cast List
CYC wishes to extend a HUGE "Thank you" to all of those wonderful and brave souls who came out for this show.  If we were unable to offer you a spot this time, PLEASE come out for another show in the future.  If you indicated you would only accept a certain role but were not offered that role--we respect your decision.  If you change your mind, please let us know before ORIENTATION.

If you accept your role, please send us an EMAIL confirming your acceptance of the role.  If you decline this role, please send us the email with your regrets.  If we do not hear from you by noon tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19th), we will assume you are DECLINING the part and your spot will be offered to someone else.  If we did not offer you a spot in the show, your check will be mailed back to you or destroyed.

Thank you again, and CONGRATS!  If this is your first show with us, we are glad to have you and excited to get started.  ORIENTATION is Wednesday, May 20th, from 6 to 9pm at the Carmel Valley Rec Center.  Attendance is MANDATORY, and if you are a minor, you MUST have at least one parent/guardian in attendance.

NOTE:  Every cast member will perform in every live show.  If you are double-cast, you will be assigned ensemble work as we go.

NOTE:  *US=Understudy.  If you accept an Understudy assignment, please understand that we are NOT guaranteeing you any live performance in that role.  You will be expected, however, to be present for all rehearsals involving the character.  CYC rehearses its understudies as though we plan to have them perform the role, though we do not guarantee it.  Usually, this offer means you stood out in the callback, and we were impressed enough to offer you this opportunity to grow and learn.  It also offers you another principal credit to add to your resume.

NOTE:  *Swing=General Understudy for multiple roles.  Swings are more likely to go on in one of the roles they are covering.

Adult Male:  Federico M.
Adult Female:  Meghan McKenzie
Melchior:  Brandon P.
Moritz:  Cameron C.
Hanschen:  Adam W.
Ernst:  Sammie L.
Georg:  Steve M.
Otto:  Riley C.
Wendla:  Ruby R., Amy W.
Thea:  Madison H., Lauren A.
Martha:  Sarah K.,  Julia W.
Isle:  Emily H., Danielle G.
Anna:  Nikki C., Megan S.

Female Ensemble:

Laura E. (Swing)
Taja S.
Elise K.
Isabella G.
Tiffany B.
Sarah V.
Kelly S.

Male Ensemble:

Savion S.
Nick L.
Paul R.
Ben S.
Richie H.

PLEASE NOTE:  There were a few of you who indicated you would only accept a role we were unable to offer you given all considerations (scheduling, competition, etc.)...  who we would still LOVE to have in our show.  If you have rethought your casting requirements and would like to be a part of this cast, please let us know right away.

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