"Into the Woods" Rehearsals are about to begin!  Stay tuned for updates and photos from this rehearsal process.

Open-Door Policy for Newcomers! 
Never heard of us?  Heard about us, but want to see for yourself what we're about?  Come to a rehearsal!  You are invited to sit in on a rehearsal and see for yourself what makes CYC the effective and dynamic place it has become.  Please contact us to RSVP*.
*NOTE:  This policy applies to people or families new to CYC, and not currently involved in a production. 


Click HERE for Rehearsal Schedule

REMEMBER:  Not Everyone Is Called To Every Rehearsal!  Detailed Schedule Regularly Updated



Parents and Cast Members:  Please double check the schedule prior to leaving for any rehearsal.  Keep in mind that the rehearsal calendar will be updated weekly with the detailed rehearsal schedule which will specify who is called when.  Please make sure you are OFF-BOOK and PREPARED for the specified scenes/musical numbers.




CVREC  Carmel Valley Rec Center 3777 Townsgate Dr. San Diego, 92130

   SAGE CANYON Elementary School 5290 Harvest Run Dr. San Diego, 92130

OCEAN AIR REC Center 4770 Fairport Way San Diego, 92130 

First Rehearsals for Into the Woods!

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