California Youth Conservatory Theatre
is unique in its programming philosophies and practices.  We strive for theatrical excellence, which includes the inclusion of people from all walks of life.  We are proud of the fact that we are the most diverse young actor's company in San Diego.  That diversity is both cultural and economic.  Individuals who cannot afford to participate due to demonstrable income issues may apply for Financial Aid.  This aid ranges from a percentage of the fees waived to fees being completely waived. 

Naturally, this aid is intended for individuals who cannot afford to participate.  It is not intended for individuals or families who do not want to pay for our services.  Obviously, we believe our product is worth the price by far, so we expect people who want to take advantage of the opportunities we offer to pay the tuition/production fee.  If it is the case that the fees are hard to pay or inconvenient, we would discourage you from applying for aid, since nearly everyone can truthfully say that the fees are inconvenient.  If you can demonstrate (with proof) that the fees are impossible to pay, or that your income is within 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, then we encourage you to apply for aid.  Financial aid applications, supporting evidence and awards are kept in the strictest of confidence.   If you are interested in applying for Financial Aid and believe you qualify, please call or email us for an application.  SEE IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW.


If you feel you deserve and qualify for financial aid, please email us for the application form or download it HERE.





In recognition of the service of the men and women of our United States Armed Forces, CYC Theatre offers a 25% discount (on Tuition fees) to any participant whose parent or guardian is an active-duty Soldier, Sailor, Guardsman, Airman or Marine.  Additionally, CYC Theatre offers a 50% discount (on Tuition fees) to participants who have an active-duty parent or guardian who is currently deployed overseas.  Any participants who have lost (through death or permanent disability) either military parent due to overseas action are offered a complete waiver of the tuition/production fee.  Verification is required. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Financial Aid awards are given to recipients in the form of a REFUND at the close of the production.  All participants are required to pay the tuition fee at audition.  Our time, efforts and instruction is very valuable to us.  We only wish to offer our limited scholarship resources to those who are serious about getting everything they can out of our program, so we only award this aid in the form of a refund at the close of the project.  Successful completion of the project is a condition of financial aid.  If you apply for (and are awarded) aid, we will not deposit your check (payable at auditions).  We will hand the check back to you at the end.  If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call 619-944-7574.

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