Celebrating Diversity....

CYC Theatre's mission is to improve the lives of its members and students through theatre.  One of the improvements we are very proud of is our diverse membership and the enrichment it offers to individuals who might otherwise not have opportunities to share the craft with people from other social groups.  Parents of our youth participants have often commented on the positive impact such exposure to people of different ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds has had on their children.  Many have observed that youth theatre in San Diego is relatively homogenous and, in many cases, somewhat exclusive.  One of our founding goals was to change this trend, and we are doing so with flying colors!


Our organization boasts:

  • The most ethnically diverse casts of any youth company in San Diego.
  • The most socially diverse membership of any tuition-based company.  We provide our unique opportunities for all deserving individuals, regardless of economic background.
  • The most diverse material--we don't need to boast 'non-traditional casting' because we produce 'non-traditional' theatre!  We try to select shows which represent human beings of all backgrounds instead of just the 'normal' musical theatre fare.
  • The widest range of experience levels.  Our castmembers span the spectrum from veterans of National Tours to 'first-time-on-stage' beginners!  What's special is that they're all working together to teach and create great theatre experiences for the actors and audience members alike.




Top:  From out 2012 Les Miz--Our Enjolras is Persian and our Valjean is a Pacific Islander

Second:  Two hard-working Company Moms enjoying a laugh.  One is from Ethiopia; one is from Point Loma!

Middle:  A "Big River" cast-member and a former CYC Stage Manager.  One is a college student from the South Bay; one is a medical doctor (and former Naval Officer) from Carmel Valley.

Bottom:  'All the Colors of the Rainbow"  Even in a cadid shot, our diversity is apparent.  Asian, Latino, African, African-American and Caucasian--all working together in harmony (literally)!



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